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Eric Gauss


Eric is a French Photographer and Videographer.

He has lived in Africa for 25 years.

Eric's vision is to absorb

and feel the image

and not be distracted by



Odette van Rensburg

Odette's purpose is to give a voice to the voiceless and unveil the truth. She  handles all aspects of Production, Interviews, Research and Edits.
Odette is a singer/songwriter and Belly Dancer.

Since 2013 Eric and Odette @ Dogs on the Run have been documenting

social behaviour throughout Southern Africa.


As independent film makers, we have the freedom to document,

without limitation,agenda or restrictions. 


We make documentaries that document what is,

capturing issues steeped in stigma and shame.


By unveiling the masks people wear as armour,

we shine a light on  behaviour society chooses to ignore.

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