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Join the Revolution of the Heart

Talented local wire artist Laston Sachikonye and his team create the most beautiful pieces out of wire, including hearts of all sizes and colours. Thanks to donors of Uthando South Africa, literally thousands of these beautiful illuminating hearts have been distributed to a broad range of people all over South Africa, including community projects, activists, artists, educators, school children, politicians and celebrities.


The Heart of Cape Town film poignantly captures a few of these amazing South Africans who speak from their heart, after receiving their wire heart.


“South Africa is very uniquely positioned to take a story of hope to the world   - Ryan CEO “We Are Africa”

“We need to put heart back into the heart of communities” – Lucinda Evans, Founder Philisa Abafazi Bethu “Heal our womxn”

“Having a heart means that we can build a better world” – Kevin Chaplin, CEO Amy Foundation and UBUNTU Foundation

“Food doesn’t only feed the physical it feeds the soul as well, when it is prepared with love” - Danny Diliberto – Founder and CEO of Ladles of Love

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